Think of your wife, your husband, your closest friend. What small acts of kindness do they do for you? Are these actions taken for granted, by you? When was the last time you did something totally unselfish for them? We interact with people sometimes in a matter-of-fact atmosphere. We do things out of rote almost. Our attitude towards others, many times, is unthinking, inconsiderate and even uncaring.

The challenge for us in today’s world is to recognize that all of the people who enter and pass through our lives are part of our life. They are not bit players on a stage that centers solely on us. Their role in our lives is of paramount importance. The beggar on the street is not an ash can, put there to fill out the scene. The harried mother, with too much make-up, is not someone, from whom we can purposely, in disgust, turn away.

Everyone we see, talk to, pass by is in need of interaction with us. Our wives, husbands, children, all are looking to us for a word of comfort. What they don’t need is one more person treating them with disdain, with no understanding. If you believe in a caring God, then realize that these people, who you see and meet, are brought into your life by that caring God. You have something, some character trait, some unique quality that enables you to give that person the needed assist that they require. I guarantee you that you do not even know what that quality is. I assure you that you will not know who needs what.

How then can we do the something that is required, if we don’t even know what it is, or who needs it? If we begin to treat each person that we meet with genuine concern, with the love of Christ, then we don’t need to know. Christ will act through us, through that love. Something that we say, or do will be guided by our love for that person and we won’t even realize that we have helped him or her.

We ask Christ to let us be His hands or feet. Let us take Him to the people that need Him. Let Him act through us. So a caring God brings people into our world, giving us the opportunity to bring Christ to them. What people has God brought into your life? Your family, your friends, the needy, the sick, the people clamoring for your help like the unborn, the dying, God has brought them into your life. All we need do is show them the love of Christ, a genuine concern, and He will act through us.