If you were to meet Jesus as you walked down the street, what would you say? What would you do? How would you act? Would you even recognize Him? He won’t have a sign hanging around his neck saying, “I am Jesus”. So what would you do?

Even if we saw Him wearing a rough white robe, fastened with a rope of some kind around His waist, and wearing sandals on His feet, we probably still would not recognize Him. Having long hair and a beard would probably only add to the problem. The first thought coming to our mind, might be, “Look at this weirdo. What is his problem?” In a time and place where automobiles are speeding by, horns are honking, people chatting on cell phones as they walk down the street, we might, indeed, not expect, nor recognize Him. And that is very sad. The entire message of His life and death will have been lost.

During the time of Christ, the believing Hebrews still expected the Messiah to come as a king, with an army, delivering them from their oppressors. Today, we would probably expect to see Him preaching words of wisdom that would be so compelling in their nature that they would almost force us to believe. But He is not a warlord. He will not force our belief. He will continually respect our free will. His message is as clear now as it was in apostolic times. Christ (God) can be found in every person that we meet.

The truth of the matter is: we don’t really believe in the words of Jesus. HE is in every person. Whatever we do for the people that we meet, we do for Him. The people that we dislike, the people that bother us so very much, the people who have no manners, the people who act like animals, the people who are sick and dying, the people who live next door, the people who we fear are trying to take our jobs, the people who we fear, the people who have no “self-control” and take drugs and alcohol just to flee the thought of themselves, the people who commit crimes, heinous crimes, the list goes on and on… Whatever we do for these, we do for Him.

I think we believe that we would treat Jesus differently. Even if we did treat Him differently, would He really love us for that???? Aren’t we saying, by that act of “LOVE???” we can love Jesus because He doesn’t bother us, He meets OUR standards. Somewhere along the line, our Christianity got mired in the mud of our likes and dislikes. We choose the people who we can love and not love. And we do this IN THE NAME OF JESUS!!!! Where did we get off of the path? Where did we stumble and fall? Why do we love only those who don’t bother us?

Maybe, if Jesus were to come to this day and age, He would come as a beggar, a dirty smelly unwashed beggar. In His love for us, He would show us that love transcends what we find pleasing, that love does not weigh on a scale what gifts a person has or lacks. People are people. ALL OF US are guilty of crucifying our Lord. What crime, what indecency, what evil is greater than that? We cannot look at another with disdain. We are no better or worse. The love that Christ has for us is the same love that we must have for each other. If we loved one another, by that very act we would be accepting Jesus’ message that He delivered over two thousand years ago.