First I want to wish everyone, “A Happy New Year”. This is a time for reflection of our past, and aspiring to achieve the potential of our future. This can only be done by working on the now. We need to see ourselves as the culmination of all of our past experiences. Without our successes and failures we would be bland. We are unique, however, because of all that we have experienced, have endured, have overcome, have learned. This uniqueness is what we have to offer to the world.

I wish to start this year off on a positive note. I can think of no better way than to direct you to this video. May you enjoy it, understand it, and reflect on its implications within your life and those around you.
Click here for video

I would be proud if I had created this video. (I am not that creative). I thank the producers of this video for making it available for public use. To see others, go to the website