Finding out Who I Am

Who are YOU? I mean it, really, who are you? Where are you going with your life? What does Jesus mean to you, in your life? Please, stay with me on this. I believe that this is one of the most important posts, I will ever publish. The thoughts contained in this can free all of us from the grasp of whatever is holding us back. These thoughts can free us to the point where we will look on our lives differently. So, buckle up your seat belt, we are going for a joy ride that will land us in the arms of Christ. It may be a little long, but if one post can help get our heads on straight, if one post can help us move towards Christ and be free of the demons that haunt us then maybe an extra five minutes may not be so bad.

Jesus has already forgiven us, you, and me, the world. On the cross, He said, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do”. He saw me. He saw you. He saw our past transgressions, and those we don’t even know about yet, because they are still in our future. Jesus loves us in spite of our faults, our laziness, our lusts, our greed, our intolerance of others. He loves us even though we expect others to be perfect, but it’s ok, if we allow ourselves to fall a bit short. Ok, hold that thought. Jesus loves us in spite of our faults.

We know that Jesus is the head of the Mystical Body. We also know that we, being baptized, make up the Church which constitutes the arms, legs, mind, heart, eyes and tongue of the Mystical Body. Christ is dependent on His Church (us) to bring Him to the sick and the poor, to wrap our arms around those who are desperate for love. He wants our minds and hearts to be overflowing with love and kindness and to bring those treasures to people who live their daily lives without them. It is we who must see the injustices of the world and speak out against them. We must bring Christ to the world, into the world. Who me? You must be kidding. I am part of the problem. I have too many failings. Ok, but hold onto the thought, we must bring Christ to the world.

When you slipped on ice, fell and broke your arm you learned a valuable lesson. And that lesson was: you must walk carefully when on ice. You know what happens when you don’t. So, you can feel confident when you tell a young person of the dangers about ice on the sidewalk. You are married and have been for … oh, so many years. You have learned how arguments start, and better yet, how to end them smoothly or maybe, not so smoothly. You have discovered the art of balancing your checkbook and knowing how to keep yourself within the budgets that you set up. In short, you have gone through high school, college, dating, courtship, marriage years, raising children, coping with employers or employees. To say it in one sentence, “We have lived lives that had good and bad points.” That’s another thought we are going to hold.

Addressing all the events of our individual life, we can say something without any fear of contradiction. I am unique. You are unique. No one else in this world, in the past, present or the future has the exact same experiences that we have. Since all of our experiences affect and shape us to some degree, no one else has the same make up, outlook, or thought processes that we have. We are unique. You guessed it we are definitely going to hold that one.

You were asked at the beginning, “Who are you”? You have some answers to that question, now. Let’s look at the points that we are holding. First, we pointed out that Jesus loves us in spite of our faults. Then we said that we must bring Christ to the world. We then pointed out that we have lived lives that had good and bad points.  And lastly, we are unique. Think of those four sentences. Let them almost run together as one. Jesus loves us, and we must bring Christ to the world, with our lives that had good and bad points but in our unique perspective. We have lived these lives, trying to do good things, but slipping and falling sometimes. In the falling and getting up we have learned some valuable lessons that could help others. What did our high school and college experiences show us? How difficult was it to avoid falling in with the “bad” crowd. Maybe, we were the “bad” crowd. What about dating and courtship? Can we pass on some of our learned experiences and failures to younger people? What did we learn with our marriages, good and bad points? What did the difficulties of raising children at the different ages teach us? Can’t we help some young parents, so they won’t have to learn it on their own?

YOU have so much to offer. You don’t have to preach Christ or stand on a corner holding up signs. Go out and be yourself. Show people the goodness that He calls you to have. You won’t be ranting and raving about Jesus. But by your words, your actions, your expressions of care and concern, these will shout the name of Jesus even though you are only whispering. What you have learned over the course of years with your life, this is who you are. You are NOT the person who periodically falls and feels abandoned. You are the person who has overcome some difficulties and trying to overcome many others. This is the person that Christ loves. He isn’t concerned about the perfect person you WANT to be. He loves the struggling person who you ARE. This is the real you, at this time! This is the real you that you bring to your world around you. Don’t wait until that perfect person emerges. That time will not come. Only one person in this world is perfect, and He died on a cross, loving you more than you can imagine. With your life, your unique perspective on life, bring Christ to those around you, as only you can do it. Christ needs YOU.