Apparitions of Our Lady

We place great admiration and reverence in the Blessed Mother of Jesus.  If through our baptism we are born again in Christ, then she, indeed, is the Mother of us all. Mary has always been a mediator for us and has appeared a number of times on earth. These apparitions have been to warn, console, strongly criticize, exhort and encourage us to change our ways of living. As our own mothers would help us, Mary helps the world in times of need and shows us what must be done. Her guidance, her urging us to pray the rosary, her encouragement, should not be taken lightly.

The following is a list of some of the better known apparitions of the Blessed Mother. Those that are listed are shown from the oldest to the most recent. I think it noteworthy to mention that the last three have taken place in the 1900’s. Without trying to be an alarmist, I do feel that Mary is telling us something extremely urgent. Her messages are becoming more frequent and more specific in content. To learn a little bit more about each of these apparitions, visit the Work of God Website-1. (If you do go, make sure you read the three messages of Our Lady in the Akita apparition, especially the last message.)

Guadalupe… Mexico in 1531 to an Indian, Juan Diego.
LaSalette…France in 1846 to Melanie Mathieu and Maximin Giraud
Lourdes…. France in 1858 to Bernadette Soubirous (age 14)
Fatima… Portugal  in 1917 to Lucia (9), Francisco (8) and Jacinta (6)
Zeitoun…Egypt in 1968 to Muslim Farouk Mohammed Atwa
Akita…Japan in 1973 to Sr. Agnes Katsuko Sasagawa

There are many other times that Mary has come to tell mankind something. The important fact to remember in all of these is that Mary is mother to us all. The fact that she gives the message to someone in France, or Portugal, in Egypt or Mexico reasserts her motherhood of all peoples. The fact, to which country she chose to deliver it, is totally unimportant. To let the country be a distraction to you, so much so that you ignore the message, not only is foolhardy, but does a disservice to Our Lady.