Security and Trust

I read something this morning that equated the trust, which peaceful people have in God, with an infant sleeping in the arms of its mother. “The infant is close to the mother’s womb from which it came and secure under the watchful eye of the person who gave him his existence”.-1 This sentence was like being hit with a 2×4 across the side of my head. It shouted,“WAKE UP”!!

Our brain says, “I know that God loves me. He takes care of me, even when I don’t think He is.” Our heart says, “I don’t really believe that. Why do bad things happen? And, it would be worse, if I didn’t take steps to prevent them”. And so, the argument goes on, between brain and heart. The brain proceeds without emotion, thinking logically, as best it can. The heart harbors fears and doubts and cannot let go to move onward to God. The struggle goes on throughout our entire lives.

What is trust? Why is it so difficult for us to place ourselves in the hands of someone else? We allow a doctor to operate on us….but that is because we have no other recourse, and we fear the alternative even more than the doctor. When you come right down to it, FEAR is the anchor that holds us in one place. It prevents us from venturing into uncertainty, even when there are indications that tell us that all will be alright.

What are we afraid of? Why are we afraid? We trust only in ourselves, even though we have so many instances in our life that tell us, we can fail and fail miserably. Yet we only trust ourselves. God, who is a God of love, who IS love has created us and the world that we live in, because of His love. He redeemed us because He loves us. And, He continues to this day to bestow His love on us. If our brain is telling all of this to us, and we still lack trust in Him, then something is wrong…WITH US!

We cannot swim to the other side of the pool, if we do not let go of the ledge that we are clutching. We can’t take the first step, if we have tied our feet together. Christ has His hand outstretched to us. He offers the security which we hunger after. Trust is not only reaching for His hand, but knowing, in our heart, that the security which we crave will be there, as well.

To reach out with our opened hand to receive His, we have to let go of the things that we are clutching. Of what significance is that second job that we are thinking of taking? Is our family healthy? Then we already have what we need. What worries are we pre-occupied with? Does our being anxious about them, resolve them? What possessions would you like to have and why? Are they required for your life, or do you want them because you envy other peoples’ lifestyles? What pleasures do you seek? Does the life of you and your family, demand them? Or, are they just something that you have grown accustomed to wanting, and now that wanting has become a need in your mind? All of these “concerns” prevent us from becoming loving, trusting children of God. We fear losing them. And this fear prevents us from reaching out to God with open hands. To do so, we must let go of these things. Drop them. Throw them away, for they are robbing us of the very life which we crave, a trusting relationship with our God.


-1 Paraphrase of words in Living Faith for October 2nd.