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   (3rd in a series of a presentation on The Apostles Creed)

Not once during these last three days have we called God by His name. He told Moses, “I am the God of your father, I am the God of  Abraham , the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob.-1”  When Moses asked God who should he tell the people of Israel, Who it was Who sent him to them, God replied to Moses, “I AM WHO I AM” . And again, He says, “…tell them, I AM has sent me to you.-2”  With these words God reveals Himself to the Jewish nation and to all mankind. I, who always was and always will be, am with you. I exist before time. I exist before the heavens and the earth. His name tells us that He IS here always for us. For mankind He created the stars and the planets, and the sun and the moon. For our benefit He created the birds of the air, and fish in the sea. Do we think that He did this just to see if He could? The purpose was for the benefit of mankind. His boundless love could not just create mankind. His love had to provide us with everything that we could possibly use and need, with everything that would enable us to see His beauty and love, with everything that would help us understand Him better. And so, we strive to be united with Him forever.

So who then is God? By what do we call Him? Mankind seems more comfortable in talking to God’s aspects, His qualities, rather then struggling with directly speaking to His name. We talk very easily, warmly to the God of Love, the God of Truth. We consider those things that He has done for us and speak to those characteristics. We address Him as the Creator of Heaven and Earth. We pray to Him lovingly as our Father in Heaven. We call Him All-knowing, all-wise, omnipotent.

We already know Who God is, then. And, I don’t think it really matters to God, what name we use. But, if God has feelings like man does -3, I would think He just wants us to speak to Him. He want us to use our free will in a manner that shows Him we are trying, really trying to be united with Him. How good do we feel when we see our son or daughter using on a daily basis, a Christmas gift that we gave them? We weren’t sure they could handle it, but we knew they needed it. Can that feeling be solely human? I wonder how God feels when He sees the best gift He gave mankind, our free will, being used to help us grow in unity with our Maker.          goto next segment>>
-1 Exodus 3:6
-2 Exodus 3:13-15
-3 Anthropomorphism. The attributing of human characteristics to a non-human form