Today\’s chores

Yesterday, we attempted to spiritually put ourselves in the presence of Jesus. We tried to calm our minds and our emotions. In the stillness that we strove for, we spoke of our genuine concerns about our failings, of how much we loved Him, and our desire to turn our lives around. Then, again in the stillness, we listen for His response to us. For it is in the quiet of our souls, that Jesus will whisper to us.This was a good beginning. These were purposeful steps.

But a problem still exists. Even if we are able to branch away from the world’s distractions, this will only be moments of the day. We speak to our God in moments? We address our work problems from 9 to 5, and often take it home with us. A third of the day and more, for work, and only moments for our God! What’s wrong with this picture?

Before you begin recounting how much you depend on this job, your children require it, your expenses and bills demand it, let me add one more thing. Something, that when done, will free us and hopefully, inspire us.

As children, the nuns in school, often spoke to us about the morning offering.(((Did you just hear that? THAT was the sound of minds turning off the conversation.))) There is something about the morning offering prayer that people feel it belittles them. But that prayer is exactly what will free us. Here is a good example of one:

Merciful Jesus, I thank You for giving me this, another day, in which to serve You. Grant that every breath I breathe, every thought I have, every word I utter, every moment I spend on this earth, will be for Your honor and glory and for the salvation of souls. Amen

Saying this when you wake up in the morning, you sanctify your actions of that day. Yes, the same day that you have to contend with deadlines, with making sure the children get to where they are supposed to, with giving help and support to people that don’t appreciate it. The day, that earlier was filled with so much to do, has now become a way of loving Jesus. All this is accomplished, by just another thank you, another demonstration of love for Him. We dedicate our day, our actions, our life for His honor and glory, and for others who have gone before us. We are moving away from lukewarm, very quickly.