Religion Chart

Who is God? And, what is religion? If you think this can be answered in this post, I have a bridge I am willing to sell you. Depending on our heritage, the beliefs of our parents and those around us, our answer to who, or what, is God, will vary. In the English Dictionary (North America) God is listed as “… the supreme being believed in monotheistic religions such as Judaism, Islam and Christianity to be the all-powerful all-knowing creator of the universe, worshiped as the only god.”  In the same dictionary, religion is listed as “…an institutionalized or personal system of beliefs and practices …concerning the existence, nature and worship of a deity, and divine involvement in the universe and human life.”

This post is being written because of an encounter with a Buddhist friend. This person possesses qualities that I would be proud. I knew and still know, nothing about the Buddhist religion, but it got me to thinking. I believe in one, Supreme Being, a God of goodness, and love, the Creator of the universe and of all peoples. He does not, actually He cannot, love one group of peoples more than another group. His Goodness would not allow it. How is it then that we have so many different beliefs, different religions, different structures within humanity that postulate views that seem irreconcilable. Or, are they?
Buddhism, Chinese Religion, Hinduism, Islam, Judaeo-Christianity are the largest belief systems in the world. Islam, Judaism, and Christianity believe in a monotheistic, supreme God. Hinduism believes in One Supreme Reality (Brahman) manifested in many gods and goddesses. Buddhism has variants part atheistic and part polytheistic. Chinese Religion has the dualistic yin and the yang, mythological beings and folk deities. Though varied, ALL believe in an afterlife (but named differently), and ALL preach goodness to others as a means to personal fulfillment.

Such a small treatment on each major religion could almost be viewed as an insult. This is not meant to be a treatise on comparative religions. The intent is simply to show that God, a loving God, is revealing Himself to all of us, in a manner, as to make it easier for us to understand. His revelation of Himself flows with our customs, with our traditions. He reveals Himself, so that we can better love Him, and live our lives similar to His love and goodness.

It is only in living this goodness, becoming one with our God, that we are able to achieve the Heaven, the Paradise, the Reincarnation, the Total Enlightenment, the Resurrection to which our religion aspires. God is God of all. His love for all is total, just as our love for each other should be.