Plane to Nowhere

Plane To Nowhere

I was lying in the grass, looking up at the clouds in the sky. A plane crossed my line of sight and I watched it until it was just a dot lost in those clouds. My thoughts traveled back to the times when I flew quite often. Those flights were work related and were always accompanied by my normal boredom.

It was very normal for me to feel sorry for myself, when I flew. I would think of what I was giving up, what plans had to be disrupted, how long it would be before I would see my wife and sons. If my thoughts happened to be work related, they would often be like, how much I wasn’t appreciated, how underpaid I was, what was necessary to be done, just to stay afloat. These thoughts were usual for me, and I knew in advance what to expect on the day of the trip.

I realized, as I was looking up at the sky, how self-centered all my thoughts were. I tried to picture myself boarding the plane and what I could have done to make things different. This is what I saw in my reverie.

The stewardess greeting the passengers at the door, how tired she looked. I wondered how bored she was with her job. Was she leaving someone to go on this flight, or maybe she was returning home after several flights. I thought it might be good if she could find some inner strength for the journey. The guy, three passengers in front of me, he was trying to get around the elderly woman, who was struggling with her overhead luggage. The next man behind him, looked older than the struggling woman, he helped her with her bags. God, help them in different ways according to their needs.

I was now in my seat, somewhere behind me was a screaming child, no, make that two. They were taking turns, letting everyone know they weren’t happy. And, it was safe to say, that everyone wasn’t too happy, either. Their parents were probably embarrassed at the racket, and more than likely, trying to get them to be quiet with whatever bribe they could offer. Help them, Lord, to realize that parenting is such a noble task, and they should not worry what others think. Their only concern should be, to teach their child whenever possible, in whatever way possible.

There were so many people on the plane. They all looked like they had a tale to tell. The young woman, paging through bridal magazines, she seemed quite intent on what the pages had to offer. The two young men, sitting across from me, they had so many tattoos on their arms and neck. I couldn’t help but wonder if they were telling the world a message, or were they telling themselves, one. The two businessmen, sitting behind me, were they coming or going to a meeting? Were they engrossed in their jobs, their lives, or themselves?

As my thoughts about the passengers continued to parade through my mind, the thought hit me, how many of these people have I misjudged? Where do I come off judging people like that? Lord, help me grow, so that I can accept people as they are. Don’t let me see something about them, that doesn’t sit well with me, and automatically think the worst. How difficult is it to see someone, hear what they have to say, accept their manner of dress and not form a negative opinion about him or her? It must be very difficult, because in a few short moments, in a day dream, no less, I tanked a number of people and put them into a box of my own making. The only good thing I can say about this day dream is, at least, I didn’t feel sorry for myself on this trip.