years passing

What were you doing ten years ago? Is it different from today? How about five years ago? Ok, what did you do, yesterday? These are really not fair questions. We may very well have been in the same job, then as we are now. Our responsibilities may not have changed that much over that span of time. What we are doing now is pretty much what we have been doing all along, namely, taking care of the things that had to be done.

So, let me change the question. Who were you ten years ago? How about five years ago? Are you the same person today as you were then? Never confuse what you do, with who you are. What you do may remain constant, but who you are, should not, cannot remain dormant.  We measure growth in a baby by inches and pounds. During our school years we measure what we have learned by taking tests. After the physical and intellectual growth what is next? Well, during this time we have also been forming who we are. How do we respond with disappointment? What type of people, do we like and dislike? How thoroughly and conscientiously do we perform our work tasks? All of these help shape us into who we are.

Our faith, our beliefs, play a huge part in who we are. That too, must grow, must not stand still. Inquire. Ask questions about your religion, your faith, your way of life. Who is Christ? Is the level of your answer the same as it was ten years ago? What does Christ mean to me in my life? How do you pray? Again, is it the same as it was ten years ago? These questions are important to us. They are measuring rods for us. How we answer them will help us see how much we have grown.

One note of caution, here. Many times people will answer these questions with answers that find fault with other people, or circumstances. This, somehow, is then used to justify their pace of progress or lack of progress within their lives. We can find many excuses to explain to ourselves, why we are as we are.

Our life takes many twists and turns. Who we are, what growth we have made over those twists and turns, is not measured in money, or status, or popularity. We are not judged by any one of those twists or turns, either. Our growth, how we are judged is determined by how we respond to the people we meet, how well we cope with our life, and the difficulties it thrusts upon us. It is determined by how much closer we have gotten to Christ, how often we talk to Him. When we talk to Jesus are we talking to a stranger or a much loved friend? How we answer that is important.