We touched on prayer, just recently. We said it is the lifting up of the mind and heart to God. Prayer isn’t just memorized words, or printed words in a booklet.Prayer is our talking to Christ. When we tell Him how we feel, what is bothering us, what is making us feel good, that is our prayer. Just as we would chat with our friends, telling them of some difficulties we are trying to overcome, our concerns about our health, or our child’s health. To some people we will talk just words, and to others, we can open our hearts and express our inner feelings. Even though we know that they may not really be able to help us, but it helps us, so much, just to unburden ourselves to them, kind of like an escape valve.

Is our talking to Jesus any different? Yes, it is. With Jesus, we know He can really help us; He will help us, if we let Him. The difficulty is in the listening. Jesus talks to us in whispers. A thought, a really good thought comes to us, just as a sudden breeze blows across our cheek. Was that coincidence, or the breath of the Holy Spirit? We are telling Christ how much our heart aches because of our children’s problems, and somehow, someway, just then, we kind of know that everything will be alright. Heaven is just a whisper away.

Christ isn’t distant from us. He is beside us in everything we do. Our actions, our words, our decisions, these are ours to decide upon and do or not do. Free will is a gift to mankind. We are not forced to do things, because of our instincts. We have minds to help us choose what we will do. This gift of free will is not something that Christ will ignore. He accepts our choices, though they may not be in our best interests. Christ is waiting to be asked to enter our hearts, our minds, our lives.

Try something different. I am sure no one has ever written this down before. (Well, almost sure.) We talk on the cell phone very frequently. We are relaxed, casual, and usually very true to ourselves. Clip the ear piece of the cell phone onto your ear, like you would normally do when calling a friend. Or, just hold the phone up to your ear. This time, don’t dial any number. Just start talking as you would, when on the phone with a friend. This time, your friend is Jesus. People talk on their cell phones, all the time on the street. Tell Him what you are feeling. (Maybe, you will feel a little awkward, when it is the first or second time.) But, look inside yourself, and tell Him how you feel. Tell Him what is bothering you. Tell Him something you feel good about. Let Him know what is going on in your life. Like all phone conversations, just pause and let Jesus talk. Listen to your thoughts, listen to your heartbeat. Christ will be in there, guiding your thoughts, your feelings, providing you with maybe some better choices. Your free will and you will still ultimately make the decision, though this time you may have more to choose from. Before you hang up, don’t forget to tell Him, that you will call later. His line is never busy.