I was watching some videos of my grandchildren the other night. I noticed how they live almost totally entrenched in trust. They are so quick to smile and willingly offer their hand for you to hold. They know, that their parent will make everything right again. They live in a happy world, full of trust and goodness. Close your eyes for a moment and put yourself in their world, a world of no doubt, no fear, no anguish, and no worry. The only thing that exists in their world is trust, and joy and happiness.

Christ has told us, that “…unless you become like little children, you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven.” And here, all along, I thought we, the parents, the adults, were to be role models for children. It is truly the other way around. We are to strive to be as trusting, as loving, as kind, as children are.

I can hear your thoughts. What is he mad? Children don’t know the value of money. They don’t know the evil that exists in the world, and as a result, are defenseless against that evil. They don’t know the people that I know, and how they would willingly serve you up, just to get ahead in the business world. Ahh yes, we are sophisticated, we are knowledgeable. But, a synonym for “sophisticated” is “skeptical”. By saying we are knowledgeable we are really saying we know the ways of the world. We fear the ways of the world.

Christ knows that there are evils in the world. He knows there are snares and traps that are waiting for us. He does not tell us to ignore the temptations of the world, just be aware of them. He tells us to be like little children. Like little children, child-like, not childish! We can be aware of what the world is offering. But we must seek out what Christ is offering. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines trust as: assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something. Christ is that Someone, on whom we can rely, on whom we must rely.

Consider the goodness of Jesus, which we find in the Bible. He leaves the ninety nine sheep to find the lost one. He does not judge people’s lives, He forgives them. He listens to their unspoken worries and He eases them. His love for us, for all mankind, is so evident that we don’t have to turn a page to read about it, to feel it. On Him, we can safely place our trust and be the “…little children that come to Him, for ours is the Kingdom of Heaven.