I don’t know where you stand with regard to Adam and Eve. But writers, documenting the “event”, speak of it in terms of “Oh Happy Fault”. Why happy?Because of the event, whatever it was, it resulted in Jesus, the ultimate teacher, show us the way to true happiness. He showed us by His life, and redeemed us by His death.

This happens over and over in mankind’s experiences. Life is never a sail boat that always has smooth sailing. All of us have problems. We have mini and major crises in our lives. At the time, they appear unbearable, almost insurmountable. Gradually, their grip around our hearts loosens. We feel that we are able to breathe again. Sometimes, we actually see something good that came about, as a result.

Our failures are no different. We do, or say, or seek something that we should not. We do not have the courage to do the right thing. Very easily we might choose to give up in despair, to consider ourselves worthless. It is exactly there, at that time, when Christ is waiting for us to make our decision. We can wallow in our self pity. We can agonize over our thoughtlessness. Or, we can acknowledge that we have done things, terrible things, in our lives and repent. But how do we look Christ in the eye and tell Him that we are sorry for all that we have done? We have to, unworthy as we are, reach out and take His hand. It is only through Christ that we can finally be free of the guilt.

Look at St. Peter. Out of fear, possibly, he denied that he knew Christ, let alone was His follower. The man, who only hours before, swore to Jesus that he would die for Him. St. Peter and Christ’s eyes met after the rooster crowed, and St. Peter was devastated. It was there, at that time, for St. Peter, Christ was waiting to see what he would do. The realization of what he had done, the horribly, cowardly act of denying all the time he had learned from the Master, he wept bitterly and repented. He took the outstretched hand.

It is only through acknowledging our faults, of realizing what damage they do to our relationship with Christ, can we feel the true guilt of our actions. But, this guilt, this true repentant sorrow, is lessened by taking the Master’s hand. Once, we do that, our lives are transformed. We see others in a new light. We feel compassion, and a desire to be of service to others. It has truly become our happy fault.