My dear friends, when I write these blogs, I have this tremendous urge to shout out to you, “YOU DO REALIZE, I AM NO DIFFERENT THAN ANYONE ELSE.” Each of us stands in a hole of our own making or because of our surroundings or upbringing, or poor choices. Regardless of what the reason is, we are all guilty as charged. Whether the topic is laziness or fiercely aggressive energy to succeed, to gain riches, position or fame in the process; whether we seek the pleasures of the world, or look down on others as being beneath us; whatever is our particular problem, we are all guilty as charged. We are no different than anyone else. Too often when we read or hear something, we instinctively think, “Oh, this is good. I hope so-and-so is aware of this”. Leave so-and-so alone for the time being. It is time to hear it for me-and-me, not so-and-so.

 What I write is not about something that I have achieved, or overcome, but rather, what I too, am struggling with. All of humanity is struggling with these obstacles. Regardless of race, color or creed, the human brotherhood suffers with the same problems. These are my insights as to what I must do to overcome them and grow closer to Christ. My hope is that in writing these posts, maybe they will have some benefit for someone else, as well.

Too often, we feel that we are unique, that our problems are not borne by anyone else, the way ours are. The truth, which we struggle to accept is, we are like everyone else. We are lazy, self indulgent, always looking for the loop hole. But rather than face this heart wrenching reality, we make excuses for ourselves. Our problems are more difficult. I deserve better. I can change whenever I want to. I am better than a lot of other people. I go to church on Sundays. (But, God help us for what we do the rest of the week.) As said in one of the Mick Dundee movies, “Wakey, wakey”. It is time for us to wake up. It is time for us to stop kidding ourselves and recognize just how weak we are.

This is not meant to be a sack cloth and ashes type of post. The Way is, and has been, clear for us for a very long time. Christ is not just throwing words at us. Every word that He uttered had its purpose for us. “I am the Way… ” “Blessed are the meek… ”. “I tell you to love one another, as I have loved you… ” Throughout the Gospels, we have directional arrows pointing out the paths to follow. We are not trying to navigate our way around the earth with a compass, or by reading the position of the stars. For every problem that could possibly confront us, we see in the Bible, a loving Christ holding out His hand. All we have to do is trust Him, take His hand and let Him lead us where we are to go. Ahh, but there’s the rub. To open our hand to hold onto His, we have to leave go of the those things that we are clenching tightly… our hollow pride, our fleeting pleasures, our desire to be right all the time, our quest for worldly fame and riches, our running ever faster to keep up with ourselves. And all the while, He is there beside us, with His hand outstretched. He is waiting for us to slide our hand in His, in childlike trust. In doing this, we will then be saying, “Jesus, I trust in You.”