I was sitting at my window, looking out on the rural countryside. I saw my neighbors’ homes and grass and trees. I saw squirrels, and a few birds of various colors and sizes. It was all there. God’s creation was everywhere. Inside your mind, think of the planets and stars, the moon, sun, clouds, the oceans, rivers and streams on the earth. To all of this add all the wildlife and flowers and trees, shrubs and bushes. Now, place man in the middle of this picture. Think of all of this and now close your eyes for a few minutes, contemplating the goodness of God.

The Biblical passage comes to mind, “What is man, Lord, that Thou art mindful of him?” All of what you were just contemplating with your eyes closed, how did it get here? How did it all come into existence? There are persons that say it all came about by chance, and thus deny that an intelligent, infinite Being created it. Chance? By Accident? Just the innerworkings of the human body, and its inter-dependencies, just these, cry out for an intelligent Creator.

But go one step further. Why did God create us? Is mankind important to God? …Important? Let me say this. God is a Being of Goodness, of Love. St. Thomas, in his writings says, Good diffuses itself, spreads out from itself. (The opposite being that evil collapses in on itself.) Are we important to God? God does not need anything. But, it is true to say, we are the logical consequence of goodness. Mankind flows from the Goodness of God. We are the logical extension of His Goodness.

But, as we know, mankind is not God. Mankind can turn in on itself and gravitate towards evil. This horrendous condition must have flown in the face of God. Mankind, His creation, turned itself away from its Creator. God, who is goodness and love, could only do what was logical. Out of His love for mankind, He promised and sent a Redeemer, a Saviour. Love had to forgive. Christ’s life and death, is part of the Divine Plan. Just as mankind’s existence flowed from love, so too, his Redemption flowed from love. Mankind was given a way to return back to the God of his creation, to return to Goodness.

Christ gave us the example of how to live. He told us how we should treat others. He gave His life, so that we could be with God, once again. His love for us embraces us, so completely, that He has forgiven all of our transgressions, our sins. Once again, Love had to forgive. To complete this pact, all we have to do is accept Him into our lives. Not just a one-time, “Oh yeah, I accept Him”. But our lives must radiate our belief in Him. We have to live, in such a manner, that others will not see us, but Christ in us.

But, remember, we are still a part of creation. Unlike the rest of creation, we have free will. We can choose to ignore these Divine efforts for our salvation. Intead, we can collapse in on ourselves. We can choose to tie the hands of Love, and demand Divine Justice for our lives. The choice is ours to make. Jesus, I trust in Thee.