These words of Jesus to His Apostles are a wake up call for all of us. Who do we say Jesus is? Is He a prophet? Is He a myth? Is He a teacher, High Priest, physician, charlatan, miracle worker? Is He the Son of the living God, the Redeemer, the Messiah?  We know He isn’t a myth, because historians of that time point to the disturbance that He caused both among the Jewish people and the government of Roman overseers. So we know He wasn’t a myth.

The question still remains, “Who do you say I am”? We must make a choice, for much is at stake. As Christians, we proclaim that Jesus is the Son of the living God, our Redeemer. He died for us on a cross so that our sins would be forgiven. Do you agree? Is Jesus the Son of God? We are not expected to understand the Trinity. We are not even expected to understand how or why God would love us so much, that His Son would come to earth and die for us. We are expected to look at the life of Jesus, His teachings on how mankind should live, His love for us, His willingness to die for us, His triumph over death. Look at all of these things and make our statement of belief or non belief.

 You are the Christ, the son of the Living God. That one statement shakes us to our core. Our lives, and how we live them, must be changed for ever. We didn’t say, “He was a great man”. We didn’t say, “He did some remarkable things”. “He IS the Son of the Living God.” Because of that statement, that belief, we know that every word He said, every action that He did was done for a purpose, to show us how to live. We cannot make that statement and let our lives be unaffected by it. How we treat our family, our co-workers, our neighbors. What actions we do or don’t do. How often we talk to Jesus. Ask His help and direction. The very fibers of our being are affected by these words. “Who do you say I am”? How we answer and how we live, must reflect a harmony together.