Have you ever gotten so distracted, you found yourself wondering how you got where you are? Sometimes, while driving (dangerous I know), I get so absorbed in thought, that I guess I am driving by rote. As a result, I realize I am almost home, but without any real recollection of what has been happening.

The same can almost be said of our lives. How did we get to where we are right now? We can think back on different events that stand out in our lives, and sometimes we can’t even remember those. Somehow, some way, we got to where we are right now. Our lives have been a progression of smooth roads and bumpy potholes. But, where we are, at any given time, is just a place on the map of our lives. And, from that place… we can go in any direction, to any desired location.

 If we continue the analogy of driving and our lives, we can remember all of our accidents, both major and fender bender. We may have a difficult time, however, of remembering the times we were courteous to other drivers, or excused them for real or imagined actions against us. This is the way our lives play out, as well. Where we are, or were, is not the most important aspect of our life. What accidents we had, or avoided, are not the highlights of our life. Our life is one journey. It consists of many starts and stops. Our destinations seem to keep changing. Sometimes they change because of circumstances that are out of our control, other times, because of our selfishness, our destination required a “U” turn.

The important point to remember is that we each start out with the same destination. We began our journey striving to return to Christ, striving to reflect Christ to others. We may or may not be moving in that direction, now. But we can turn the wheel. To switch roads, to find the road that points us in the right direction, we must know Christ, love Him, and be close friends with Him. What this relationship does is help us reflect Christ to others, and help them in their life’s journey. We must get in the habit of doing this, so we can, all, look forward to our home coming.