I was sitting in the chair the other night. The TV wasn’t on. The computer wasn’t on. My mind was. I was reflecting on the contents of my life and what I had done and what I had not done. As I sat there, I became almost overwhelmed, as the thoughts paraded through my mind, pointedly showing me, how very little good, I had accomplished.

I know they say that we only remember the bad things we do, and never the good. But really, my mind seemed on a search for only the bad. Each time it paused on a specific time frame, I fell into a deeper feeling of dismay. This would have been unbearable, if it were not for one event…the Crucifixion. This is mankind’s salvation, my salvation.

Every thought that reminded me, about my sinfulness, Christ saw and knew while He was on the Cross. He saw it. He forgave it. And wonder of wonders, He loves me, in spite of it. What a wonderful realization, Christ loves me ! Christ loves us!

The errors, the sins of all of us, of all mankind have been forgiven. You and I have something in common. We have been forgiven, we are loved by Christ. In this redeemed state, I have to ask myself this question, “Seeing myself as I am, and as I have been, how can I still have feelings of superiority? How could I possibly look down on others, who have been forgiven as equally as I?” Our salvation has bonded us all together. No one’s faults are “better” than someone else’s. When you look in the mirror, you see me. When I look in the mirror, I see you. We have all participated in the scourgings and the whippings. We have put the nails in. We have mocked and ridiculed Him. We have stabbed Him with our spear of selfishness. None of us are without blame. And in the mirror, Christ looks back at each of us, stretching out His hands to us, in forgiveness. From His side flows His loving Mercy. Christ tells us to reflect Him, in our lives, by loving one another. Jesus, I trust in You.