We all have a certain someone. No, not the one that means so very much to us. Not the one that it’s a joy to be with, either. Nope, that’s not the someone we’re talking about. Rather, we are focusing on that person, who really annoys us. The one, who can’t seem to do anything, that we like. Their very presence seems to be done purposely to get us on the wrong foot. Yeah, that one. That’s the one we are talking about.

Every one of us seems to have a person or persons that fit that role. However, we are not addressing why that person bothers us, or why we dislike them. For hints on that, go to Why Do We Dislike Some People, an earlier post. Instead, let’s take some rather difficult, but positive steps towards that person.

Something we can do is simply pray for him or her. Talk to Jesus about this difficulty that you have, and ask Him to help the person. Now, not like, “This person needs help badly, Lord, etc.” But rather pray that the person has a good day, a joyful day. …And mean it!

Or, if you know you will be seeing the person, try beforehand, to think of what you can do, something nice, that the person will really be pleased with. Offer to help them, in something that you know they dislike doing. Offer to do it for them. But, realize, that there is a good chance that this act of kindness will be rejected. Offer that rejection, also, for that person. Don’t fall into the trap: “Well, that’s the last time, I do anything nice for …”

Space is too limited to discuss all the possible avenues of how you can try to be nice. The point is, you are not thinking about how he or she bothers you, but rather, what you can do for them. Whatever it is that comes to mind, tell Jesus, that that is your prayer. Know that Jesus is with them, also. Whatever we do, to the least of these, we do to Him. Not, just nice words, but words to live by, to act on. Our lives are too short to hold grudges, to not speak to someone, to ignore somebody, to not like whole groups of people. All of us, You and me, every one of us, have holes that we stand in. Those holes are the results of lives filled with prejudice, selfishness, pride and many other negative qualities. These holes cause each of us to see the world from different perspectives. Start pulling yourself out of that hole. Start treating people as people. Try to see them eye to eye.