There is a phrase: Running on Empty. We all know what it means. Moreover, we all know how it feels. Those times in our lives, when we feel we have nothing left to give, no uplifting emotion. We are, in short, out of gas, our tanks have run dry. This feeling affects our work, our social life, and most importantly, our religious well-being.

This emptiness inside leaves us desolate, with no apparent place to turn. This is when we must stop! Recognize what it is that we are feeling, or not feeling. Maybe all we can see is that nothing seems to jump out and say, “This is what is the matter”. Our minds can’t seem to focus on anything, and our friends for some reason seem to be far away. But worst of all, we seem forsaken by God. He is distant.

Take a step backwards, right now. Logic says that God can’t change. He is immutable. He can’t love us one day, and the next day not care about us. So God isn’t distant. He is there waiting for us to come out of the fog. It is we, ourselves, who have changed! But how? We didn’t wake up this morning and say, “…today I turn off my mind, and my emotions”. How then did we change? If the answer were easily discerned, then by now, we would all know what to do. In short, your answer will not be found, here. But what is here is a process that we should try to set out on.

What do you like? What makes you happy? Good happy? What makes you feel alive inside? Take some time out just for yourself. Do something that you always enjoy. And do it, just because you enjoy it. We have to rip into that feeling of emptiness, of loneliness and replace it with something worthwhile. That empty feeling is preventing everything else from working. So get rid of it, in a way that you know will help uplift you. Now, talk to God. I don’t mean reciting a prayer, not at this time. Just talk. Tell Him about the heartache you have, the miserableness you feel. Place these in His hands, with the certitude that He will do something about them. Anything you ask of Me in His (Jesus) name will be given to you. Don’t doubt these words. They are a promise from your God.