Yesterday, we saw Tiger Woods open his heart and express his sorrow for his actions. The man showed remorse, and embarrassment for what he had done against his marriage. In his public act of confession, he told us that he is human, capable of mistakes, sorry for his actions, repentant, and wanting to rectify his life. How very much this typifies the condition of all humanity. All of us are in the same boat. We, all, have much to be sorry for and want very much to be forgiven. Unfortunately for him, he lives such a public life, that everyone is aware of everything he does, the good and the bad. 

During this time of Lent the focus is on repentance for our transgressions. All of us, Tiger included, are admitting our faults, expressing sorrow for our actions and trying to rectify our lives. Why then do we hear such negative feedback about Tiger? “He didn’t ask for our forgiveness, he only asked us to believe in him.” Who are WE that we should expect people to ask our forgiveness? Christ has already forgiven us, and him, when he died on the cross. “He isn’t sincere; he is only doing it because he was caught”. Who are we to judge anyone’s motives? Haven’t we learned yet the significance of the words: Judge not, so that  ye shall not be judged?

All of us have the task, especially during Lent, to look at ourselves and see our faults. If we only focus on the fault, however, that will not really help us. We must see the sins that we have committed and immediately look to Jesus. We must be aware of His love for us, and that He has already forgiven us. It is in that moment, when we recognize our fallen but saved condition, that we can realize the power of love. We really are forgiven. We really are saved. Christ has loved us that much. Armed with such love, let us use this Lent to do positive acts to encourage our brothers and sisters. They and Tiger, like us, need our encouragement, our understanding, our love and our kindness. If this is our focus, then it will be a good Lent.