eyes Jesus

The other day, I saw a sign it read: “View the world through the eyes of Jesus, and see the need.” This made a strong impact on me. I am sixty nine and this was a whole new aspect of living my Christian faith. Here in one short sentence was not only WHAT we should do, but most importantly, HOW to do it. View all the headlines of today… and see the need. View the troubles of Haiti and see the need. View the afflictions of the world and see the need. Here in one short sentence is a guide book on how to live our Christian faith. Step out of ourselves, our internal focus, and instead see where our talents, our beliefs, our abilities can be used. The person who we have trouble liking, what is their need? Many times we dislike, because other people don’t fit into OUR perspective of what other people should be like. But, viewed through the eyes of Jesus, people aren’t problems, they have problems. Is there anything that we can do to help that person? Maybe it consists just in praying for them, praying that they get the courage, or wisdom, or insight to right the ship. Maybe we have just the right talent that is needed to help that individual. But if we view only through our own eyes, we will never recognize the need. Without recognizing the need, we will not know what we could do for the individual.

Everyone of us is called to do something with our lives. Life is not just to be born, grow up, get a job, and die. Our lives are special. Our lives are unique. Each of us possesses some combination of qualities that make us unique from the rest of the world. How do we utilize these qualities? How do we apply these qualities to those around us? Who in this world is looking for guidance by our unique qualities? God has called us into this world to do something with our lives. Jesus came into this world to be our example. It is through His eyes that the world takes on a special meaning for each one of us.